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Alpha/Beta Studio

Focused space for your learning.

An intimate breakout space with natural light, modular glass rooms and movable furniture designed for hands-on learning. The retractable glass partition allows you to use the space as one large room when needed.


13 ft X 25 ft = 325 sq. ft.


For 10-35 people

Designed for

Workshops, Training sessions, Sprints and more


₹3,540 for half day
₹5,900 for full day

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Collaborative space to engage in creative learning.

Host your conference or event, conduct a workshop or masterclass, create, perform or simply soak in the vibe – a space for everything you can imagine.

Expandable space.

Create a confident and bold impression on your audience with the big stage, bright LED screen, enhanced audio and expansive space for your audience.

Flexible and Open layout.

Mould the space to make it your own, build the experience you aspire to create. Customize your event – work in teams, or have everyone facing the speaker or clear the floor to perform.

Intimate Breakout space.

Connect and engage with your audience without boundaries with the large volume of space, ample natural lighting and the seamless white chocolate flooring.

We’ve got you covered!

Keep your focus on your event. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Tech Wlizards
Social Ventures
Impact Ventures
Curious Children
Maverick CEOs
Policy Makers

We’ve loved hosting these events!

Explore how brands from different industries expanded their imagination with Design Barn’s Alpha and Beta Studios.

Doesn’t matter who you are.

This space is designed for all.
Tech Wlizards
Social Ventures
Impact Ventures
Curious Children
Maverick CEOs
Policy Makers
Design Researchers
Creative Startups
Eager Learners
Smart Professionals
Innovation Leaders

Looking for a more open space?

Expansive spaces without boundaries and flexible layouts that allow engagement with audience more fluidly and freely.

The Floor

A one of a kind platform with a creative vibe that is designed to incubate innovative and interactive new age expression. This expansive space is flexible and full of natural light, and can be easily adapted for your event.

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Dream Farm

A private, casual and free flowing space designed for the mind to escape from reality. Step away from the noise, relax and let your imagination soar as you dream big. The dream tree, grassy floor and the vibe let your mind run free.

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