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Everything will change! This is disruption. Finally, as humanity has trained up technology to tackle incredibly complex challenges, it gets its biggest dare yet, in the form of an ugly globally widespread pandemic.

This is a time when the tectonic plates of meaning in our lives are moving and we are experiencing radical shifts. In our ways of working, living, growing and being that we may not even be fully aware of. Yet!

What follows here is a social, human, insights, futures, trends, study, a ‘reflection in action’ report designed to shift our collective perspective and encourage mindfulness. Towards that – which will manifest as a result of the decisions and choices we make now. It is a synthesis of insights generated by MIND Learners in the process of immersion, discovery and design research on live systems projects towards the end of 2020.

We invite you, dear creative leader to read the cards and sense the shifts across the past, present and the near future. Focus – on what is being destroyed, preserved and created in the cultural fabric and rubric. To lead the change with sensitivity towards people, profit and here’s the most complex one – the planet!

We have factored in the
Lenses of the Seven Senses while developing the study.

Human Sense

Understand aspirations
and create opportunities.

Natural Sense

Harness, renew, replenish,
nurture natural resources
for future generations to
live as naturally as possible.

Economic Sense

Make Society as a whole
far richer.

Cognitive Sense

Use data intelligently
and develop intuition.

Technology Sense

Technology should make
us more human.

Aesthetic Sense

Nourish the soul with art
– with beauty, simplicity
and truth.

Evolutionary Sense

A far higher state of

To set this Report in its context it’s important to share the MIND Journey. A program that was born in the pandemic, reimagined as a completely immersive, totally open and yet integrated with industry, radical program. To find talent in technology and creativity and take each one through a program that shapes her/him as a Creative Leader. The pillars of this unique program being Design, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

The Program has been designed with one principle – that of tensility, with a balance of academic rigour and a practical approach, applied to real and immediate industry challenges. The learners stretch their minds with core principles in DICE, then flow through the ups and downs of challenges, to finally expand their minds with forward concepts and ideas and ecosystem thinking.

The SHIFTS Report is thus the first gift from the program where the learners, engaged, collaborated and created – a better future. And shared their understanding of the shifts and who better than them – who chose to participate in the shift and be better prepared as design and innovation practitioner, creative leaders who will reimagine our world.

We hope to take you on a journey towards a vast and open sky, just beyond the precipice and we are sure that you will enjoy lifting up and soaring high from there.

Sonia Manchanda
Program Mentor, MIND



Raji Math
Shwetabh S Verma
Rajiv Kolluru
Vijay Issac
Amrita Dhakras
Anoop Ravindra
Harihara S
Sudhay Upadhye
Yara El Turk
Vijayant Sharma
Vijay Karthik
Hari Hara Prasanna
Nahid Noushadu
Ramya Raju
Suryarshi Mitra
Sanjeeta Kandpal
Ebadur Rahman
Vinay DV
Dipeet Paul

Ishan Singh
B. Sree Vidya
Varun Singh