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Pockmarked by the pandemic, the year that was has driven us all to live in previously unimaginable ways. We have harnessed all the tools at our disposal to overcome the toughest year in recent memory.

Pax Pandemica

Though COVID has shaken us to the core, pandemics have always been a part of our story. If patterns are anything to go by, we are going to experience pandemics on a regular basis.

Work begins this year on the Global Virome Project. Its mission is to discover, identify, and study the vast majority of the world’s unknown viruses within the next 10 years.


Technology has given us powers which even the forces of evolution could not. We can run large businesses without an office building or a factory. We can be present in a room across the world without actually having to travel there. While these existed even before the pandemic, this crisis has driven up the usage of these technologies.

As such, during times of physical distancing, people found it helpful to use videoconferencing services to schedule ‘happy hours’ with co‐workers and friends, celebrate holidays and life milestones with loved ones, maintain business meetings and continue educational pursuits using online platforms.