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Experiencing a concert or a movie, travelling to a destination with leave from work is becoming a thing of the past. We have found ways and modes of work where travel is a companion and lifestyle and we can experience concerts in real-time from the comfort of our rooms.

Concerto in Home Minor

Chile based Sonidos Immersivos is a platform that hosts live VR concerts and festivals for those seeking to be entertained from home. British virtual events startup had growth from 5000 registered users to 3.5 million between April and November 2020. In November 2020 it announced that it has raised a $125 million round of funding that values the firm at $2 billion.

People would go to actual venues to experience something meaningful. With the possibility of future lockdowns and setbacks, everyone is looking seriously towards virtual events and experiences.

Workation+Staycation = Workstation

Tripoto introduced Workation with Tripoto at Tripoto hostels. Workstations (combination of work and vacation) and Staycations (vacation which is long and includes work and stays) are the new buzzwords in travel. Be it for a fortnight or a month, it is an experience most youngsters are craving to break free from home.

Moving Images

Instagram handles on international metros and multiple Indian cities now promote visual escapades. This greets and transports an individual into a feeling of travel. On Tripoto for instance, during the lockdown, there was a 2D static image of a bus on a hill station with animation of smoke from a chai cup and background sound of “chai chai chai” and ambient sounds. To keep the feeling alive there was food for thought. There were travel based interviews with hoteliers and hospitality icons on Instagram by multiple travel bloggers.

Unwinding in nature and reconnecting with physical experiences breaks the monotony of work from life, boosts creativity, restores mental health. It creates restful states and productivity. From workstations to staycations to making digital and offline spaces travel destinations in itself, there is now scope for unlocking potentials all around us.