Saudade Artistry

The New Reality

We are the storytellers of our journeys with nature. We are creating mini forests and nature destinations as a gateway to a new world. Today sitting at different locations we can experience a movie and concert in real time with each other with apps and extensions. We are celebrating the recreation of our environment and having the sweetest slices of life at our fingertips.


We are seeing more and more people returning to their hometowns and taking forward the office experience from laptops and phones.

“It’s not as if I will open a different home page in Bangalore than when I am in Kolkata. I can work from home now, travel to a few nearby places, take care of responsibilities from my hometown itself. In the next five years what if another pandemic hits?” says Arijit, an IT employee and father to a two year old.

Saudade is not a new term. But it’s meaning in our lives has become more real with the onset of a new decade and possibilities that excite us. We are witnessing the rise of new modes of working, living, experiencing and recreating what we love and long for.

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