Sociality X.0

Drivers of

As we move around in society, we are in the safe hands of technology. We reach out beyond the boundaries of time and space, connect and reconnect, obtain and acquire new skills from each other. Coming together as a tribe of empathetic beings we are now resolution makers and ourselves becoming the changes we want to see.

Database and Surveillance

People feel secured and in safe hands in the ‘never get lost’ era of database and surveillance. The technology of physical trails will help you find and reconnect with a long-forgotten friend or relative or even a lost pet.

New Conversation Codes

With emojis and to the point communication the space for divergent communication has decreased. People connect for what’s needed and convey emotions through emojis and send information via links. This also means more work gets done in less time, less space for misunderstanding and off the track, non-contextual topics.

The Skiller 2.0

Transferable skills ranging from Effective Listening, Personal Organisation, Time Management, Digital Awareness is mandatory for surviving the current ecosystem. The system is indiscriminately demanding experts who can help others learn, self learn, relearn and unlearn skills.


Anyone can make his or her presence felt across geographies among hundreds sitting at the comfort of homes and it becomes easier with social media. Today “going out there and reaching out” does not mean physically stepping out of your home but “making things happen” in the digital space. What you post on the internet stays irrespective of you posting it from one location or other.

If I write a piece about leaving a city from the airport, by the time I reach the next city, I would have reactions from multiple cities on the same post.