Technology Trust

Drivers of

Technology has changed the workspaces in which we reside. It has made the impossible, possible via connectivity, seamlessness and efficiency. We transit from helplessness to control over life with the companionship of technology. It hand-holds us into its embrace of humanity, reminding us of our potential.

Flexible Work

The workspace today comes with the ease of working from anytime, anywhere without the drudgery of being paid just to show up to the workplace and look busy. What matters today is how we get things done, how fast and how much.

Technology helps us to find each other from the swarm of events, places, people and schedules, it has also helped us to create an identity of freedom than arresting us to one place of to and fro, helping us to create a sense of meaning, direction and purpose better than before.

Chaos to Order

Arijit recently got a haircut at home via Urban Company and got his lunch after that via Uber Packages. Following this, he contacted Zamosh and U Wash (online laundry services) for his laundry which arrived in no time. By 3 pm he was done with lunch, had a haircut and got nice clothes to wear to ace an online interview. All done in no time, thanks to technology.


Sonali’s driver was clueless about which direction to take towards the airport. She used Google Maps, and the map’s voice facility and placed it on the phone stand for the driver. Within half an hour they were on the right track. From a space of anxiety, the sense of direction was restored with technology again to the rescue.

A Shepherd

Quite literally, robotics companies Boston dynamics and Rocos have partnered to deploy a fleet of dog-like robots called “Spot” to herd sheep and conduct agricultural tasks in New Zealand.

Learning Enabler

FoondaMate, a WhatsApp chatbot allowed students in South Africa to access education materials without a fixed or stable internet connection. Students could download everything from paper to notes without paying for data since most mobile networks there do not charge for WhatsApp usage.

A Vision Giver

UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind People has prototyped the world’s first accessible pregnancy test for those with impaired vision.

AntarYami – The Knower of Hearts

HeartFlow service, a cloud-based service approved by FDA enables clinicians to identify coronary artery disease based on CT images of the patient’s heart. It uses these images to create a fluid dynamic model of the blood running through the coronary blood vessels to identify abnormalities. Otherwise, the traditional invasive angiogram is required for doctors to decide when and how to intervene.

An enabler across industries and a gateway of access to education and knowledge anytime and anywhere, technology is also a superhero and an icon of our time, a time where the geography of cultures is not based on places and distances.