Drivers of

Compassion and warmth is the new infrastructure. Equality, dignity and rights are the new global ambience. Self-care is the new mantra. Sustainability is the thought of ideators, promoters and designers. In every detail, in every project, the reach out is for a life based on the motto of ‘wellbeing first’. It is the guiding force of the industrial landscape.

Wellness Bots

Workplace Intelligence and Oracle surveyed more than 12,000 workers at all levels across 11 countries. According to their research 2020 has been the most stressful year ever. People fear termination and any mental turmoil is shunned as something secret. 68% of the respondents prefer to speak to a chatbot over their manager or a therapist.

Woebot is a chatbot that integrates AI, empathy and therapeutic expertise for mental health.

Striking the Chord – Minor is Major

In the US black communities were the hardest hit during the pandemic (“A Tale of 2020 in 20 McKinsey charts” and with the killing of George Floyd the frustration and rage spread like wildfire across the world. On social media platforms, people came together to express solidarity. When the Trump administration lost the election, there was an outcry of joy in the midst of the pandemic. This was not just a political victory or a celebration of the masses. It was a reassurance of stability at a level of dignity and mental health as well.

Peeping Into the Other Side

Shows like London Real by Brian Rose and Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu showcased content that addressed mental health.

Self-help experts and authors like Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins, Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani produced content daily for platforms like Instagram that uplifts enlightens, energizes and entertains. Social Media platforms and apps are forces that reach out to many seeking a sanctuary for the mind in difficult times.

Tech Executive

Microsoft has announced new features for its Teams communication platform. This is aimed to improve the work-life balance of the user. They will also introduce the virtual commute to create a mental bookend for remote workdays. The big MNCs across the globe are introducing mental wellness into their products.

Even in the digital space people are becoming keener to organising and cleaning inboxes, drives and social media spaces – moving towards integration, simplicity and impact. In 2021 and years to come the user will look for products and services that will seamlessly boost their mental wellbeing.